Export to InDesign

Import tagged text

1 Open the document into which you will place the tagged text, and choose File > Place.

2 Locate and select the text-only tagged file.

3 If desired, select Show Import Options.

4 Click Open.

5 If you selected Show Import Options in the Place dialog box, select any of the following:

Use Typographer’s Quotes Ensures that imported text includes left and right quotation marks (“ ”) and apostrophes (’) instead of straight quotation marks (" ") and apostrophes (').

Remove Text Formatting Removes formatting such as typeface, type color, and type style from the imported text.

Resolve Text Style Conflicts Using Lets you specify which character or paragraph style is applied when there is a conflict between the style in the tagged text file and the style in your document. Select Publication Definition to use the definition that already exists for that style name in the document. Select Tagged File Definition to use the style as defined in the tagged text. This option creates another instance of the style with “copy” appended to its name in the Character Style or Paragraph Style panel.

Show List Of Problem Tags Before Place Displays a list of unrecognized tags. If a list appears, you can choose to cancel or continue the import. If you continue, the file may not look as expected.

6 Click OK.

The text appears at the insertion point or replaces selected text. If there is no text selection or insertion point, a loaded text icon appears. You can click inside an existing frame to place the text inside it, or you can click or drag to create a new text frame.